Nancy Newport LPC, LMFT

Corporate And Organizational Training

If you represent an organization, I can tailor make a presentation for your group that will be informative, motivating and inspirational. No matter what we do professionally, we take ourselves with us. And isn’t it amazing how often we get in our own way?

Presentations/Trainings can be a weekend Retreat, an all day workshop, or for a few hours. Together, we can co-create the best format for your needs. I can provide a training/presentation for your company that will create more:

  • Awareness of Self
  • Motivation to Improve/Enhance Relationships
  • Skill Building to Make that Happen

Examples of possible topics could include:

  • Powerful and Effective Communication Strategies: What you think you heard is not what I meant
  • Working with Difficult People: Creative and effective ways to work with personnel challenges
  • Stresses in Our Lives: Creating optimum performance personally and professionally by incorporationg effective strategies to achieve and maintain inner balance
  • Burn Out: Burning too fast, too bright and too long
  • Enhanced Managerial People Skills: Leading so others want to follow
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